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Our company provides technological services and solution to societies esteemed problem through innovation in R&D , Technology & Education.

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Tenith Innovations is a global technological and scientific research company, with its prime focus on delivering breakthrough innovations. Our distinct field knowledge in wide sectors enables us to provide creative custom-made solutions to all our clients at every stage of product development.

We have a strong reputation for developing new products in key areas of R&D, Technology and Education. We believe in offering progressive end-to-end solutions by combining our research experience, technical expertise and profound knowledge of the latest technology. Our robust team of technocrats, innovators and creative developers prioritizes problem solving and strives to be excellent solution pioneers in all technical fields.

Our exceptional research proficiency and prototyping help us blend non-traditional and futuristic approaches to deliver innovative products. We provide guidance to clients seeking the right solutions for their business needs. The personal attention that we provide to our customers is the key to our success. We, at Tenith Innovations always re-innovate ourselves for improvement in accordance to the new technologies for serving our society efficiently.



Providing personalized technological products and services in the cyber world and offering end to end enterprise solutions to suit customer needs.


Popular Unit


The Social Network of Humanity


The global track-free social network to discover, connect and contribute to what matter to us, providing next generation versatility with centralized information security to users

People's love

about the things they care

Altruu is the world’s first versatile social network that allows connection with what we love. We provide solution to fake news, control spreading of misleading information and shred the digital footprint of users assuring the basic human right, our privacy.

Altruu, the global track-free social network to discover, connect and contribute to what matters to us, providing next generation versatility with centralized information security to users.

Altruu has six unique selling propositions, uses a distinctive hexagon-based interface in addition to twelve innovations. We Introduced Fake news filter, the Information firewall to combat fake news. Blackout, the digital identity cloak protects users from being stalked online. Altruu is completely customizable, where users can tailor the entire network which ensures each Altruu experience as unique as its users. Washout, the universal data controller allows complete destruction of user contents from Internet even after it is shared by millions of users to anywhere. Our Global Feed shows the world in a feed offers knowledge from topics and happenings worldwide, acts as a platform to reach the globe. Centralization allows integration of various services to suit user needs and professional fields make an effective unified cyber space. Altruu Credits, the currency of humanity simplifies digital transactions and enables contribution to social services.

Our Social Network’s core vision is to become the largest centralized collection of human knowledge where all world knowledge is pooled for the greater good of humankind. Altruu's short-term objective is to redefine the way of information networking and to emerge as a young billion dollar enterprise with zebra landscape.

Imagine a Social Network !

Collection of Knowledge

The Centralized Collection of
Human Knowledge

The centralized global platform to discover, connect and contribute
the human knowledge pool




Undertaking Research & Development of solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems and minimizing the gap between global innovators.

Popular Unit


A New Invention that could save millions of trees & the environment

Banana Leaf Technology

A Novel eco-friendly technology to keep leaves
green for 1 year without any chemicals to replace plastic

Bananaleaf - products

This patent-pending technology uses seven novel physical processes to preserve and protect leaf from pathogenic agents thereby preventing the microbes from living in the leaf thus keeping it green. From these processed leaves we have made utensil (applications) like Eco friendly plates, cups, packaging materials, warps, bowls, box, containers and as writing medium which can replace the similar products made out of plastic & paper.

The use of plastic products harms our environment and paper which is biodegradable also causes deforestation. These banana leaf products are easily degraded into simpler compounds that can be metabolised by microorganisms once the products are discarded in the environment as waste. These products increase the oxidative process & prevent diseases in humans. These products are very cost effective up to 66 % cheaper.


Increased Durability & Crushability


Stretchable & Hold Loads


Resistant to extreme Temperature


Pathogenic free


Flexibility - convenient to create any shape & utensils



Empowering young generation with creative education platform to explore the love of education and empowering them to involve in innovations.


Popular Unit

Global Student Leaders Program

Making students extraordinary


An life changing personality & skills development platform.
Enhances the students life by incorporating creativity and innovation in their behavior into global level.

Schools have done an excellent job of providing formal education but students still need information age skills. Formal School Studies and frequent exams won’t make students extraordinary. Focus of this program is to help students master leadership and diplomatic skills at a very young age.

This program is aimed to develop students in order to succeed in this modern age. The program is mixed with fun and activities full of laughter. Students can really make a great difference by living an entire creative life impacted by GSLP

  • Learning Fluency
  • Information Fluency
  • Collaboration Fluency
  • Creativity Fluency
  • Media Fluency
  • Solution Fluency
  • Digital Fluency

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8.Decent Work and Economic Growth
9.Industry,Innovation and Infrastructure
13.Climate Action
14.Life Below Water
15.Life on Land
17.Partnership for The Goal


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